Digital village

Digital Village


In line with our national vision of Digital India, ICICI Bank has partnered with the Government of Gujarat to transform Akodara into a Digital Village.

In this village, technology acts as a catalyst for development, enabling local business opportunities, education and improving health & welfare. ICICI Bank has setup digital facilities in Financial services, Education and Healthcare services within the village.

Local financial transactions happen through mobile banking, debit cards and internet banking instead of the conventional mode like cash. All the transaction points in the village for purchase or selling activity have been digitized to make it a cashless village.

The schools in the village use technology to impart education to village students through integrated projector cum computer with smart board interactive features provided by ICICI Foundation. Teaching happens with the help of audio-visual content mapped to curriculum in the classrooms. Schools have also been provided School management software to manage academic and administrative tasks such as student details, student attendance, school time-table & examination scheduling and examination results.

Villagers have access to quality medical advise in the village through e-health centre presence. Medical Diagnosis happens in the e-health centre in the village which is transmitted to medical experts who then analyze and provide medical advise accordingly.

About Akodara

  • Gram Panchayat
    Gram Panchayat
  • Village Temple
    Village Temple
  • Clock Tower
    Clock Tower
  • Wifi Tower
    Wifi Tower

Akodara village is in the Himmatnagar sub-district, Sabarkantha district in the State of Gujarat. The village is at a distance of around 90 kms from Ahmedabad city. The village comprises of around 200 households with a total population of 1100 villagers. Farming and milk production are the major occupations in the village. Farmers mostly grow cotton and wheat in the village. Many villagers are also in service profession employed in nearby cities. Akodara is home to the first cattle hostel in the world that replaced Individual care by dairy farmers with scientific animal husbandry by specialists. The Cattle Hostel was conceptualized and inaugurated by Shri. Narendra Modi, the present Prime Minister, and then Chief Minister of Gujarat.The village has a Villgae Level Cooperative Society (VLCS) for milk collection and a Farmers’ Cooperative Society which facilitates purchase of seeds and fertilizers for the farmers. Educational institutions in the village consist of a Primary school and Secondary school, study center for IGNOU and Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar open universities and Primary Teachers’ College for ladies. .

Facilities in Akodara

  • Cashless Payments
    Cashless Payments

    All the villagers have Rupay Debit card with them which they use for various transactions in the village. For purchasing groceries in the village, villagers don’t need to carry cash with them. They can do a mobile banking transaction at the Grocery shop to pay the shopkeeper or do a card swipe at the counter of the shop. The mobile banking transaction platform uses Gujarati language as the medium of communication and is and easy to use platform.

  • Education

    Akodara village has a Primary school for Class 1-8 students. Secondary school for Class 9-12 is also present in the Vishwamangalam campus in the village. ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth has setup digital infrastructure and provided digital content to the village schools to digitize the education delivery in the village. ICICI Foundation has installed integrated projector cum computer with smart board interactive features in the classrooms. This equipment will replace chalk based boards in the classrooms and offer a lot of features to the teachers in making teaching process more engaging and effective. ICICI Foundation has also provided digital audio-visual learning content for Class 1-10th to the schools in the village. This content is mapped to Gujarat Board curriculum and is in Gujarati language. School Management Software has also been provided to primary and secondary schools to manage academic and administrative tasks such as student details, student attendance, school time-table & examination scheduling and examination results. The software will have dashboards and reports on attendance and scores of students. The software will provide information on a real-time basis to the parents of the school children on attendance and progress etc.

  • Village Level Cooperative Society
    Village Level Cooperative Society

    Villagers pour milk in the VLCS on a daily basis. the quality-Fat/SNF content of the milk poured by farmers is captured by VLCS andreceive e-receipts on their mobiles for every transaction made.The records for all the transactions made are stored in electronic ledgers and payment accordingly is received by the villagers directly into their ICICI Bank accounts.

  • Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee, Himmatnagar
    Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee, Himmatnagar

    The local Arthiyas/Mandi Commission agents make instant payments to farmers for their produce such as grains and cotton using the Bank’s digital banking services. The financial transaction during the sale happens through a card-to-card transaction between the Mandi Agent and the farmer and instant payment is received by farmer. This is a safe and secure facility for farmers. APMC, Himmatnagar is the first Mandi in Gujarat to have cash-less transaction facility.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
    Wi-Fi Connectivity

    Digital village is a technology-led concept and internet connectivity is foundation of digital life. The District Development Office has setup wi-fi internet connectivity covering entire village. Wi-Fi connectivity is offered by the Gram Panchayaton subscription basis. Revenue earned from subscription goes to Gram Panchayat, which is utilized for operation and maintenance of wi-fi infrastructure. ICICI Bank has also offered to be a partner of district-level project, under which the entire Sabarkantha district will be covered with Wi-Fi facility. This will be the first such district in India.

  • Water Purification
    Water Purification

    ICICI Bank has facilitated the village cooperative in reviving the community-owned Reverse Osmosis (RO) based water treatment plant in the village. This is operated by village cooperative to make available purified water for the villagers at a minimal cost. Payments at the RO plant for purchase of water have also been digitized for the convenience of villagers.

  • Live Prices of Crops
    Live Prices of Crops

    The ICICI Bank branch has provided farmers with live information on commodity spot prices from NCDEX which will help the village farmers to decide on whether to sell or hold. Apart from this, advisory on farm activities, weather information and Agri-news will also be shared for which a tie has been done with Reuters Market Live.

  • Aanganwadi

    The existing Anganwadi facility has been renovated by ICICI Bank. Digital screens has also been setup with educational content for children. Surveillance cameras have also been installed in the Anganwadi

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